FAIs (Frequently Asked Information) to secure an appointment for In-depth Conversation/Consultation to join Research Based Radical Autism Improvement Program (RBRAIP)

NSFA Global Inc. (Natural and Alternative Solution for Autism) group only focuses on treating and improving Autism by Natural and Holistic remedies. We offer professional consultation and solutions based on comprehensive research and in-depth analysis.

Research Based Radical Autism Improvement Program (RBRAIP)

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So far 60 ASD (Moderate to Severe) Cases have been improved by this group and 40+ summarized case studies have been documented http://autism-nsfaglobal.com/(amazing 50 success stories in improving Autism). Currently, 40 additional cases are on the trail of progress.

Each specific Autistic child is special and require distinct approaches and processes. Clearly, Autism cases require individualization, focus and success-targeted program.

NSFA offer dedicated in-depth research oriented alternative individualized treatment programs for each baby.

On average, 1.5 - 2 hours in-depth case taking and at least 10 hours of added research hours are required to deliver value based prognosis and deliver improvement.

NSFA Global Treats a case as a Project. Based on research, Autism improvement expertise, and past experience the team will provide you a timeline for critical improvement.

Fees and remedy expenses would vary. For further information navigate the consultation and fees zone.

NSFA Global Inc. reserves the provision to accept or deny any cases.

NSFA Global Inc.’s Research based radical homeopathy program in improving Autism

In NSFA Global Inc. we only treat “Autism”. Our Radical Autism Specialisation (RAS process) grew by learning, researching, treating, and improving Autism only through Homeopathic and Natural remedies. We welcome specific therapies as with out treatment when Autism faculties improve within the CNS (Central Nervous System), the child becomes more learning able, their brain gets ready form effective learning. Speech, Behavior, Occupational therapy, and various ABA strategies help to cover the learning gap of ASD children.

Our chief consultant, (a registered Homeopath, Ontario, Canada) has the background of treating ONLY Autism for last 25 years. NSFA Global has about 60 success stories so far and another 40 cases are on progress. (Click https://Autism-NSFAglobal.com) and click on Amazing 50 success stories

The NSFA Global Inc.'s Project Oriented Radical Strategy focuses on parental awareness, consistency, engagement and commitment. According to Hippocrates of Cos, the father of modern medical science, the root to all healing is “The natural forces hidden with in us”. We follow this pursuit. The approach has been found highly effective in most taken Autism cases. As such, in NSFA Global Inc. we do not take up cases, where we do not have prognosis of improvement.

This is challenging! It is time consuming, and it demands logical time. We also provide timeline of predicted development (2-5 years age group). In NSFA Global Inc. we only treat Autism and welcome the challenges subject to parental dedication and commitment. Please read more to learn Our Strategies.

NSFAGlobal.com embarks on the following stepwise protocol for case intake, in-depth research, and maximum success in improvement of Autism. (Please read more our strategies) ; and review symptoms and Syndromes.

* Cases 2-5 years of age (the group had maximum success) as priority. 6-10 years age group with specific reservation.
* NSFA research suggests 80-85% successes with in 2-6 years of age group and 50-60% success in 7-10 years age groups, in improving Autism.

Step 1: Study various related sections in the website: http://autism-nsfaglobal.com/
Step 2: Listen (Bengali Speaking). (Our apologies! we are currently working on dubbing Bengali to English). Will be published soon
Step 3: Fill out the following minimum basic information. Please note that NSFA Global Inc. welcomes children with 2-5 and up to Six years of age. 6 – 10 years with reservations. Review our Strategy Section at the web site (http://Autim-nsfaglobal.com) for supportive information.
Step 4: Parents, pls answer to following Seven questions by only YES or NO and very short comments


Name of the baby
Pls. answer
Yes or No

Please provide Parent’s name:


Mode of

Short Comments

Is your baby verbal, if so, are they meaningful? Y or N
Is the Baby echolalic (What ever is said to him/her, the child repeats) Y or N
Does the Baby take and executes instructions? Y or N
Intelligence level compared to other child of same age (Pls. provide a rating in 1- 10 scale) Y or N
How is the baby’s fine motor capacity? Can s/he grip a pencil to write or draw Y or N
Does the baby point his/her pointer finger to an object meaning-fully? Y or N
If the baby is non-verbal, has s/he ever talked? At what age?
Was any genetic test performed on your child? If so please provide a copy

The Consulting team at NSFA Global Inc. will review above basic information. An email will be sent to you within 72 hours/3- business days with a reference number. Please call back on a given number to finalize a 1.5 - 2 hours in- depth investigative session with both parents (In case of single mom/dad, the concern mom/dad pls. provide the information and establish contact). Every detail will be asked in the next stage. All information will be kept confidential.

We conduct online in-depth using zoom, what’s app or face time. Parents are requested to send video clips of the Child for in-depth reviews. Remedies can be collected personally from Ontario, Canada. Or they will be shipped to their destinations upon Parent requests.

Consulting Fees

The NSFA 90-120 Minutes consultation and 20 hours of average research and consultation involves generating an effective prognosis and remedy selections

Cost varies from child to child, as each Autistic child is specific. Upon inquiry, parents will be informed about the final package cost which includes remedies, consultation, and shipment cost at the beginning of consultation process.

Please contact for further details.
Contact Tell: +1 416-580-0377