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Strategy to improve on "Autism" - The NSFA way

NSFA consultants are working through a unique process to address the disorder. Methodologies involve making systematic and very deep rooted inquiries into the constitutional portfolio, data gathering and analysis, and alignment and prioritization of remedies to address ASD symptoms pro-actively in an 10 Step Process.

Assessment of the child's state of development, heredity and parental backgrounds, and study on diagnostic reports on various systems as available are done prior to building a constitution8. The constitutional panorama and subsequent treatments are different for each child. Combinations of alternative remedies (natural & herbal accelerators, homeopathic and bio-chemic remedies) are provided. They are administered in a five & half month's cycle. A few cycles (2-4 minimum) of treatment produces significant results.

NSFA has achieved remarkable successes in improving ASD in children. NSFA methodology has evolved through the last 16 years with treating numerous children successfully in different countries. Dedicated parental attention & consistent treatment provided critical for significant improvement. Some success stories are presented as the categories of ASD are explained next.