What is ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)?

Autism is a neurobiological disorder caused by the degenerations inflicted with in the CNS (Central Nervous System) of children. Reasons of ASD can be due to (a) genetic susceptibility, (b) chemical and toxic interventions, (c) metabolic imbalances, and insufficient mobilization of nutrients, minerals and vital amines to all support system's nourishment. Properly developing CNS instructs the human metabolism and guides the body's systems for growth, development and appropriate functioning. CNS coordinates perceptual connectivity through vision, hearing, test, and other senses to yield electro-chemical signals leading to originate an appropriate chemistry to originate behaviors, expressions, and attitudes. Interactively the CNS manages its own growth by directing distributions of minerals, and nutrients to various body systems and at the same time guiding consumption of own nutrients in fitting proportions. Autism occurs where these fundamental causativeness could not be maintained.

The dysfunctionalities caused by, "Autism" ruins certain domains of CNS yielding a spectrum of developmental disorders being known as ASD and fall into various categorical syndromes*.

There are ongoing investigations about the human brain for the purpose of finding a solution to this disorder. Researchers are using genetic engineering and other sophisticated methods to approach a reason as to why this problem is happening.