Mission, Vision & Strategies


NSFA conducts critical research on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their heredity profiles, genetic information, metabolic, ocular, vestibular, vocal, and knowledge processing abilities and other detailed and critical symptoms. Symptoms offer the impacts of the inherent pathology of the ailment.

After intensive research, the constitution of the child in context is developed. Individualization with the help of the characteristics symptoms is performed bearing in mind all inclusive essential guiding inferences, miasmic stand and studies of the disabilities are progression or regressions, mineral balances within the blood stream of the ASD child and, standing on neuro-nutrition of the Child referred by various deeper inferences.

50 and more success stories in Autism Improvement by NSFA treatment have generated hopes and interests within the ASD parents. The Chief Consultant of NSFA, is pursuing parents for early intervention, alternative and natural treatment to the children across the spectrum of ASD across regions and communities.

NSFA and Its CEO urges governments and health authorities of different countries to provide approval of Homeopathic and alternative treatments for the Children With ASD.


Implement and sustain improvements in ASD children by proven alternative and natural methods and approaches across communities, regions and nations!


"Treating and improving 500 ASD children within 5 years (by 2026). 3000 Children by next 10 Years ( by 2031) based on enriched experience and, available resource support."

By the way to treating ASD children, NSFA intends to develop scientific research-based methodologies and evidence-based processes to improve ASD.

Initially, so far, 50+ children have been improved. NSFA Selected cases with prudence and prospects. 40 improvement cases are summarised and uploaded at the website (References are also provided in most cases). Some amazing stories have been published in London, UK and New York, USA Bengali Newspapers. NSFA and Its consultant presented awareness campaigns in Europe and North America, in New York to educate and communicate to the prospective parents. Parents who got committed and fully engaged received results.

NSFA intends to request the Government of Canada and its Health Authorities to create in-house alternative and natural treatment facilities for 100 ASD children in Ontario where different category of ASD children will be taken in consistent supervision and treatment will be provided. Along side, structured parallel or post treatment specific programs will be created to advance the improvements acquired.

The Strategies to complete above Mission and Vision deliberate strategies will be chosen. The Strategies are being reflected in the following link.

In this context NSFA Global Inc., its CEO and Chief Consultant approaches to benevolent individuals and authorities, generous corporations to provide philanthropic supports with Donations. Without resources support it is simply impossible to carry on the above mission objectives set upon.

Our Chief Consultant is-
Mr. Mohammad Jahangir
Registered Homeopath, Ontario, Canada
B.E., MBA, CCP, PMP, CBH (Australia),
Dip-in Pathology & Diseases (SOH, UK),
Dip-in Anatomy (SOH, UK), Dip-in Nutrition (SOH, UK),
BCH (SC, RC), CCHM, Canada,
Holistic Medicine and Autism Consultant, Canada


The vision and mission objectives stated in NSFA Profile would be fulfilled by adapting following strategies.

  • 1. Developing concrete awareness amongst the parents in societies and communities across the country.
  • 2. Early detection of ASD symptoms and treatment are the best course of action to improve on ASD by NSFA. (Suggested and recommended age limit 2- 5 years)
  • 3. NSFA conduct rigorous research-based studies and treatment. Each ASD child will have specific characteristics. It takes about 15-20 hours of studies including one and half hours to two hours of parent interviews.
  • 4. Data are collected from parents in the main. Various lab reports from genetic studies if available (regarding exclusions/erosion, duplication, or multiplications of the codes). Interrogation is performed on epilepsy, influences of multiple sclerosis and other psychoneurotic issues on the ASD child.
  • 5. Selection of remedies and administration strategy development. The Parents must be dedicated for a long-drawn struggle. It must be understood that it is a complicated disability. A disability can not cured to 100% level, as a diseases could.
  • 6. Treatments are to be given for a minimum 11 months (two cycles). Regular monthly development communication is to be maintained by the parents to NSFA through a communication tool (The DCF - Development Communication Form)
  • 7. NSFA performance records.
  • Out of 60 selected cases following are the Improvement statistics:
  • a. Within the age groups of 2-5, improvement have occurred in 80%-85% cases.
    b. Within the age group of 5-7 ASD children, (with little vocal capacity or some eco-speeches), improvements have occurred up to 60%-65% cases and that,
    c. Within 7-12 years age group of ASD children, improvements have occurred up to 40% of cases.

  • Reason of less, slow, and minor development rates in 5+ years cases are due to:
  • d. Children's CNS (Central Nervous System) structured or completed by 5 years of age.
    e. With a structured CNS, the system turns into a long-drawn complicacy. Experiences show, the cases above 5+ years requires much longer times, and sometimes visible developments may not be available sooner!

  • 8. Proper food selection (Casein and Gluten free food) and additions of recommended minerals and vitamins are to be maintained.
  • 9. All communications are to be done in on-line. Remedies are despatched by express mails.
  • 10. Guarantee of Treatment: NSFA Modestly places that.
  • A question on guarantee on the treatment of autism raised by some parents. NSFA modestly persuaded all parents so far that that modern medical science has been working seriously on this neurobiological disability, but no therapeutic solutions has been presented so fat.

    NSFA had unbelievably good successes in attaining improvements using natural and alternative remedies. However, NSFA directs to the fact that out of undertaken 60 cases, 52 cases have improved. The improvements are correlated to.

    • * The level of parent's awareness and commitment,
    • * ASD children's age groups, early detection, alternative and natural treatment.

    What is the Guarantee then?

    ASD children's neurological disabilities present unknown risks. Still NSFA respectfully points every parent to please look at the 50 Amazing success stories (currently uploaded 40). Parents those were dedicated and went through consistent NSFA treatments, received results! Quest and Hope are two very correlated subjects! that NSFA Values upon Quests. NSFA proclaims, "darkness may shadow the life with despair, it's hope and quest that bring the sunshine." .

  • 11. To be noted that, NSFA will not accept a child and shall note include in its treatment program as the prognoses do not direct towards possible improvement!