"Darkness may shadow the life with despair, it's hope and quest that brings the sunshine." - NSFA.

In NSFA, We Believe That Modern Medical Science Shall Bring Out The Breakthrough One Day. Our mission is to educate people, spread awareness about ASD, and treat children with our scientific research-based Homeopathic methodologies.

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We Aim To Treat & Improve 500 (ASD) Children By 2026

We intend to develop scientific research-based homeopathic methodologies and evidence-based procedures to improve ASD. So far, 100+ children have experienced substantial improvement with our method.

NSFA Selects treatment with prudence and prospects. 50 improvement cases are critically summarized and published on the website. Some of our amazing success stories have been published in the Bengali newspaper of London, the UK, New York, USA.

NSFA Strategy To Improve ASD

Panels & One on One Discussions on Homeopathic & Alternative Treatment Methodology & Procedures to Improve ASD

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Learn More on ASD and How NSFA Is Helping Parents & Children in improving Autism

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Implement and sustain improvements in ASD children by using proven alternative and natural methods globally. Our consultant presented awareness campaigns in Europe & North America to educate parents and generate awareness.

What Is ASD?

Autism is a neurobiological disorder caused by the degenerations inflicted within children's CNS (Central Nervous System). "Autism" ruins certain domains of CNS, yielding a spectrum of developmental disorders known as ASD.


NSFA reserves the right to make a decision on the selection of children considered for treatment. Schedules are provided on First Come, First Serve Basis. NSFA - Form "A" (Preliminary Communication form & Registration Form.)

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Beyond The Invisible Scientific Conviction, The Truth Of The Law Of Similars.

An Introduction To Homeopathy.

Here Is The Gross Neuro-Developmental Trend.

This trend represents the Autistic recovery growth of a child.

Reference From Ms. Marilena Loretano, L. MS, OTR/L, New York, USA.

She provided help to one of our patients

NSFA Global Uses Different Tools To Measure Cognitive and Autistic Development Of The Children Under Treatment of NSFA Global.

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asd symptoms in toddlers

Amazing 50+ Success Stories In The Improvement Of Autism Spectrum Disorders.