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Our Vision

Implementing Improvements in Children With ASD

Our vision is to implement and sustain improvements in ASD children through proven alternative and natural methods and approaches across communities, regions, and nations!

NSFA conducts critical research on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their heredity profiles, genetic information, metabolic, ocular, vestibular, vocal, knowledge-processing abilities, and other critical symptoms. Symptoms offer the impacts of the inherent pathology of the ailment, degree of infliction of degeneration at the CNS and regression of impairment in social & psychological modalities in the children.

Our Mission

Improving 500 Children With ASD Within 5 Years

“Treating and improving 500 ASD children within 5 years (by 2026). 3000 Children by next 10 Years ( by 2031) based on enriched experience and, available resource support.”

NSFA also intends to request the Government of Canada and its Health Authorities to create in-house alternative and natural treatment facilities for 100 ASD children in Ontario. Different categories of ASD children will be taken under constant supervision, and treatment will be provided. Alongside, structured parallel or post-treatment-specific programs will be created to advance the improvements acquired.

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