Baby boy AN-UL

Baby boy AN-UL


Baby Boy UL_AN Symptoms: Boy UL_AN Symptoms include Very poor eye contact. No pencil grips. Couple of incomplete words. Irrelevant talks. Not capable to point at any objects, letter, or numbers. Could not copy shapes, or pictures. Could not identify parents. The baby was progressing in to more severity.

A detailed interview was conducted online with both parents in the month of March 2020. After through investigation and probes NSFA Consultant Mr. Jahangir communicated the prognosis and NSFA accepted the child with a condition of one year treatment. If the girl delivers a good result in achieving the target parameters, they will continue the treatment.

After one year of treatment Baby Girl YA-NA showed improvement. She started giving words and understanding the relationship, better eye contacts, indicated improvement in all other target markers.

The parents expressed their satisfactions. And extended commitment for further homeopathic treatment and guidance from Mr. Jahangir and NSFA.

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