Baby Girl YA-NA

Baby Girl YA-NA


Baby Girl YA-NA Symptoms: Baby Girl NA_MA had couple of single words in her stock. Unsteady eye contact could not execute any instructions, meaningless utterances. Interactive communications was absent totally. Unable to point at objects. No capacity to grip pencils with 3 fingers. Baby girl NA-MA was decaying fast.

Parents contacted Mr. Jahangir and NSFA as they were informed by one of their friends from New York. They inquired about homeopathic processes and processes of administrations. Parents were clarified that Homeopathic remedies are OTC items and FDA did not observe possibilities of any side effects are very rare. In fact, the NSFA consultant cleared that homeopathic remedies are very soothing for children and the outcomes are very positive so far.

Finally, a detailed interview was conducted online with both parents involved. After through investigation and probes NSFA Consultant Mr. Jahangir communicated the prognosis and NSFA accepted the child with a condition of one year guidance, and treatment. If the girl delivers a good result in achieving the target parameters, they will continue the treatment.

After one year of treatment Baby Girl YA-NA showed improvement. Words came out, she started understanding the relationship, better eye contacts, indicated improvement in all other target markers.

The parents expressed their satisfactions and extended commitment for further guidance from Mr. Jahangir and NSFA.

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