The ASD characteristics of Baby boy AN_LY

Baby boy AN_LY, Dhaka, Bangladesh

NSFA REF: GP_0027_DB_ 2015

Baby boy AN_LY was living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Mom of the Boy is a Doctor. A very close friend of the Doctor mom referred and informed that there is a cure (Improvement) to Autism. The consultant from NSFA Global Inc. Saskatoon, Canada will be in Dhaka

The Baby boy AN_LY parents got in touch with NSFA consultant as he arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh Discussed detailed on ASD issues and the process of the treatment. Baby boy AN_LY was at his 4 – years and 2 – months at the time NSFA Consultant was contacted. Had severe PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) features.

The ASD characteristics of Baby boy Baby boy AN_LY

Baby boy AN_LY had following ASD syndromes

  • Poor eye contact
  • Uttered words but not understandable, no distinct words
  • Shaky locomotor capabilities
  • No child like intelligence
  • Lacked common senses
  • No imitating capabilities
  • He stumps his legs
  • No attention, if you call him, he doesn’t respond, goes other way
  • No number senses
  • No social or peer association
  • Always in his shell


Observing Baby[MJ1]  boy AN_LY, interviewing the Mom and Dad a constitutional plan was structured. A remedy administration plan was developed. NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Baby boy AN_LY will recover FAST in 4-5 cycles of treatment.


Baby boy AN_LY began to improve within 5th month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification worked (First six months). Baby boy AN_LY advanced in couple of areas FAST
  • Eye contact improved
  • Words came out much better in numbers (about 100 words came out)
  • Started working on the joint words, noun and verbs (12 month)
  • Started taking small instructions from Dad, Mom and Therapists
  • Sat steady and listen to Parents and Teachers
  • Could work on some puzzles

Notes/ConclusionsBaby boy AN_LY, progressed in terms of vocabulary, Instruction taking, Eye contact, and captured common sense and intelligent behaviour, could relate to objects and emotions etc. FAST. Parents expressed their concern about meaningful words. That came out later after the 4th Series. DCF reports are published below as well.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby boy Baby boy AN_LY Parental References/ communication (here couple of emails taking out the names and addresses… dates are valid) and Developmental communication form/ Milestones:

NSFA Statement: The Parents of this Baby boy has provided us a reference, which is NOT copied here (due to ethical reasons). Readers are requested to study the case. We are publishing only couple of email communication on child’s progress. Thanks for the understanding.


Mon 2016-03-21 7:00 AM


Dear Sir,

Please find the filled DCF as of March, 2016.

In addition, please check following feedback on your queries:

1.       Word count is increasing day by day and it can roughly be said that he can say about 125-150 different words now. In this regard, I am little bit concerned that whether he says those with proper understanding or just utters in the mouth.

2.       Roughly he can say 8-10 two/three words sentences

3.       Roughly he can carry out some small instructions like “ano” (bring it0, “khao”, “jao” (Go), “asho (Come)”, “jump”, “run”, “switch off koro”, “dao (Give me)”, “babake dako (Give it to dad)” etc. Should not be more than 10-15 at this stage

Thanks and Best regards




DEVELOPMENTAL COMMUNICATION UPTO APRIL 2017 Provided by the Parents are published below (TBD)

Baby boy AN_LY progressed up to 70% in various areas identified. Parents were happy with the developments.

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