The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy AN_NC

Baby Boy AN_NC

Baby boy NANC was a boy of 5 Year’s and 2 months. He used to live in New York with his family. Later they relocated to North Carolina, and continued treatment from there.
Principal ASD symptoms: Speaks a few single words, no interactive communication, poor eye contact, low motor capacities, little numeracy, no analytical and reading skills, touches others.
Case intake by NSFA Global Inc. ‘s Autism Consultant in July 2021. In-depth research was conducted for Two weeks. Development target were set. Constitutional treatment started in August 2021. After 8 months of treatment, the parents and NSFA conducted a review on progress. The Mother provided following updates after one year’s targets.

Updates by Mom (MS. NC_ON): 31 JAN 2022

Note: Base level (BL) estimate was done by parents and NSFA Consultants jointly in comparison with a neuro-typical child in August 2021. Improvement Status were assessed by the parents independently.

ASD symptomsBL status July 2021Improvement Status after 7 months of treatment.
Vocabulary15% (only single words)40% (Giving up to 5 words sentence
Cognitive intelligence5%40%
Interactive communication20%50%
Eye contact30%70%
Instruction taking25%70%
Imitation coping20%85%
Pencil gripping50%90%

Mothers’ comments: My son improved since NSFA, and Mr. Jahangir’s Homeopathy treatment and guidance commenced. My son is producing 3-5 words sentences, those now carry meaning. He can count reversely (10 to 1/1 to 10), doing well in school. Highly satisfied with NSFA treatment. What we like the most of Mr. Jahangir’s and NSFA processes is close guidance and understanding in Autism, in-depth research aptitude and his objective to treating ASD children only. School teachers also recognized the development. Very thankful to NSFA’s Homeopathic and Alternative and effective treatment and guidance.

Concern: Still my boy has several issues to be addressed and the developments attained are to be sustained.

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