The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy AN_W

Baby Boy AN_W

NSFA Ref: GP_0014_BD_ 2014

Dhaka, BD

Baby Boy AN_W – was at 4 – years and 4-months’ as the parents came in touch with the NSFA Autism Consultant. The Parents were referred by the Parents of YN_Z who were residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh  Â 

The Baby boy AN_W had moderate ASD features.

  • Had very poor eye contacts,
  • Squinting intermittently
  • Un-aware of the surroundings.
  • Could not produce clear words/sentences
  • Locomotor issues were dominant.
  • Pencil gripping was difficult.
  • Could not try a try-cycle independently.
  • When taken to Mall, he was found acting in a secluded manner.
  • Poor imitating capabilities.
  • The child had speech therapy support, but those was not productive.
  • No good school references

The Mom and the Dad worked with the boy for long time. They travelled to Malaysia, and other places for the treatment of the ailment, but failed to get practical result. Interesting that the parents of Baby Boy AN_Z referred them to NAFA Global Inc.

Although, it seemed that Baby Boy AN_W had moderate ASD features, when examining him, it was found that he is tending towards severity. The Boy was degenerating fast and reached at the brink.


Completed the Intake form in details. A complete constitutional framework and plan was structured after in-depth questioning and conducting necessary research. A schedule of administration was developed. It was stated that the child will require 2.5 to 3 years to get to optimum level of recovery.  The 12 Months targets were initially discussed. The later 2-year’s target will be discussed as the Baby Boy AN_W gets to that point. They happily agreed to do the treatment as they were observing development of Baby the neighbour Baby Boy AN_Z. The set of remedies included homeopathic and herbal contents. Some natural accelerators were selected, A developmental communication format was provided.


Baby Boy AN_W began to recover with in 7th month of the treatment. Eye contact improved. Emotional awareness, connectivity and vocal functions were improved to a good extent. As he started talking better, he was advised to attend ABA/IBI therapy programs. The Boy started giving 3-4-word sentences within 3rd Cycle of treatment.  The parent’s commented that the boy slowly developed understanding of all part of speeches including adjectives and verbs. In fact, Baby Boy AN_W  Â exhibited phenomenal improvement within 6 cycles of treatment in his social behavior, intelligence level and started interacting better with his siblings, relatives, and friends. Both parents put Â their best efforts to help the child in his various areas of development

Updates on Baby Boy AN_W : Lately, Baby Boy AN_W  was examined by NASA consultant in Dec. 2020. The consultant already proposed that except some cognitive issues, Baby Boy AN_W  is doing fine. The parents, if want to, can discontinue treatment. The Boy has been able to return to the typical life stream as a close to typical boy and should continue to keep in pace with necessary support programs. He still have some OCD issues, and he needs to be put into specific programs focusing cognitive and educational development. The Parents decided to continue to earn necessary cognitive developments. They have decided to move to Malaysia for supporting the Boy, which was welcomed by the NSFA.
*Conclusions: Baby Boy AN_W progressed categorically and made substantial progress in terms of vocabulary, social relationship, communications, and intelligence. His further challenges would be getting across age appropriate studies, negative behaviours and adapting to new social situations.

NSFA consultant suggested withdrawal of treatments and engagements. Behaviour modifications. NSFA recommended engagement of special tutors to make studies interesting. The parents wanted more treatments focussing his cognitive areas as such Treatments are ongoing to uplift the boy’s cognitive deficits.

Parental References/ communication (emails) and Developmental communication form/ Milestones: Baby Boy AN_W  was very closely followed. The parents were extremely supportive to the boy.

NSFA Statement: The Parents of this Baby boy has provided us a reference, which is NOT copied here (due to ethical reasons). Readers are requested to study the case. We are publishing only couple of email communication on child’s progress. Thanks for the understanding.

Although they have given their clearance for contacting them, It will be over-whelming for the parents to react to all the queries. As a courtesy, all queries to be done after NSFA gets a clearance from the parents. Pls. contact NSFA Global Inc, first before getting in touch with any parent. Thanks for the understanding.


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