The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy ANIR

Baby Boy ANIR


Symptoms: Severely disconnected between words and expression. No capabilities in apprehensions, comprehensions, and descriptions. No interactive communications. Meaningless utterances. Absence of understanding of relationship. Poor Eye contacts. Could not point to objects and very light grip on pencils. No capacity to answer questions.

Parents and grand parent came to Know Mr. Jahangir via newspaper report.

Parents were interviewed in-depth online. After deliberate research NSFA Consultant Mr. Jahangir commented that he has treated similar case and the boy will improve but sustaining the improvements will be the challenge to the parents.

Amazingly, our boy has proved him to be true. Improved significantly.

We are pleased that Mr. Jahangir and NSFA Global Inc. are great in handling Autism. What is striking that Mr. Jahangir only treats ASD children. We will continue wit Mr. Jahangir’s guidance and NSFA Homeopathic processes as long as our children make the maximum improvement. Mr. Jahangir cleared the very fact, that that Autism is not 100% recoverable.

About NSFA Global

In NSFA, We Believe That Modern Medical Science Shall Bring Out The Breakthrough One Day. Our mission is to educate people, spread awareness about ASD, and treat children with our scientific research-based Homeopathic methodologies.

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