The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy BAI_S

Boy BAI_S, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Testament of satisfectory treatment from the Parents: We are racing behind to catch up with the remedies, NSFA Global’s alternative but amazingly effective, works well and FAST with our ASD boy!

The ASD characteristics of Boy BA_S

Boy BAI_S was living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The boy was 10+ year’s old. The Parents got in touch with NSFA consultant through another Mom whose son was being treated by NSFA Consultant. Boy BAI_S had severe ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) features, he had an age factor. The experience that NSFA Consultant gathered from kids of similar characteristics, took longer times. Boy BAI_S exhibited following ASD characteristics.

  • Had words, could not put in context, slow, and low voice
  • Eye contact was an issue, which the parents could not realize
  • Shy, avoided peer association, did not like too kids associations
  • Used to get angry when he was challenged
  • Had inconsistent attention and focus
  • Very anxious, dependent too much on dad when out of home
  • There were issues with fine and gross motor skills
  • Learning difficulties, numeracy was difficult
  • Lacked common senses, and used to get perplexed when challenged
  • Many sensory issues


The mom and dad were interviewed in depth by the NSFA Consultant. Boy BAI_S was observed. A constitutional plan was structured. An administration framework was developed.

NSFA consultant explained the treatment process and made it sure that the parents understand the process, and struggle. It was mentioned that since the Boy BA_S is above 5 years; he will take longer times come into the improvement trail.

NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Boy BA_S will improve in 5-6 cycles of treatment


Boy BAI_S began to show developments within 3rd month of the treatment.

Development features were:

  • Detoxification (First six months) worked well, Boy BAI_S did not regress
  • Started behaving and taking instructions from Dad and Mom
  • In school, he showed good interactions taking
  • Got relatively better in terms of socialization and calmness
  • Anxiety reduced relatively, continued to improve
  • Common senses started working
  • Better with numeracy and school
  • His OT issues got better by cycle – 3 relatively

Note: Boy BAI_S progressed in terms of developing common sense and commenced intelligent behaviour FAST. The Dad commented that NSFA consultant’s remedies working fast, and as parent, they could not cope up with necessary inputs and engage with fitting supports programs. Within 4 cycles, the parents reported good progress. The Parent had a plan to bring their child to a better environment where education system would be helpful to the Boy BAI_S. Accordingly, they moved out of Bangladesh. The Parents did not come back asking for further treatment. It has been considered that the parents were happy on the developments.

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