The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy EA_SM

Baby Boy EA_SM

NSFA REF: GP_0038/SA_RUK_2019

The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy EA_SM

Baby Boy EA_SM is a resident of Gujrat, India. He is 4 years+ boy with ASD characteristics. The parents came in touch with NSFA consultant in the Ealy 2019, through a friend whose child is also being treated and improved by NSFA Consultant.

Baby Boy EA_SM had ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) holding following features.

  • Had little or no vocabulary
  • Poor Eye contacts
  • Irritated, cranky
  • Poor social skills
  • Sensory disorder
  • Did not have reading or writing capabilities
  • Could not grip pencils
  • Lacked cognitive abilities as a 4 years old kid
  • Could not imitate

Baby Boy EA_SM had no focus and lacked eye contacts. His perceptual process was underdeveloped. NSFA consultant explained the treatment process and made it sure that the parents understand the process, struggle, and maintenance of continuity of treatment.


Interviews were conducted with the parents of Baby Boy EA_SM a constitutional treatment plan was structured. It was stated that the child will require 2/3 cycles to get to an ideal level of recovery. Word and eye contacts will come up but it may take longer to get better expressive and cognitive skills.


Girl EA_SM showed very good progress in single cycle.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification worked well, Irritability was lesser and she was attentive
  • Baby Boy EA_SM delivered single words
  • Stated taking instructions from mom
  • Baby Boy EA_SM became more emotional
  • Started copying

ConclusionsBaby Boy EA_SM progressed in terms of eye contact and better focus with in 2 (Two) cycles of treatment. Still challenges were to have multiple words and sentences with appropriate parts of speech. He was in his way to develop common-sense and diligence. With in two cycles, Baby Boy EA_SM had improved significantly (shortest possible time). In certain areas, parents reported that they are satisfied. But, it has become difficult to continue treatment dues to COVID-19 situation. But, they are hope full of the boy as Morning shows the day. The NSFA consultant did provide high- potency medication in 2nd cycle which will work with in the boy for at least new one (1) years

NSFA thanks the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby Boy EA_SM.

The lasts updates and couple of Communications from the Mom is produced below:

From: Mom of Baby Boy EA_SM >
Sent: June 10, 2020 5:32 PM
To: M. Jahangir <>
Subject: Re: Baby Boy EA_SM ‘s report – 2nd cycle_2 Instructions

On Wed, Jun 10, 2020, 4:48 PM mom of Baby Boy EA_SM


Yesterday Baby Boy EA_SM wore his shorts all by himself, though front side was back.

List of new single words:

1. Hai(hen)

2. Oval

3. Horse

4. Eeg(pig)

5. Ink (Pink)


7.Titi (tiger)

1. Loves to go out in new luxury cars. Doesn’t like to go in his grandfather’s old car. He knows his father’s car keys and where it’s parked. Starts walking towards the front gate not where old cars  are parked.

2. Asks for water, says Mammam.

3. Points his Abba and Amma

4. Knows his sister’s, cousins name, calls his uncle , aunt daddy and mommy. 

5. Repeats words

6. Tolerates loud music

7. Was trying to eat with spoon.

8. Loves reading his books more than playing with toys.

9. Better eye contact n instruction taking.

Negative (Improvement required):

1. Still uses single words

2. Repeats words at his own will

3. Stubborn

Take care


Mom of Baby Boy EA_SM

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