The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy ER_EL

Baby Boy ER_EL


Baby boy ER_EL used to live

Symptoms: Baby boy only could utter 5 single disjointed words, insignificant eye contact, confused with world, poor gross and fine motor capacity, no focus and attention, no familiarity with parents and other relations, not aware of danger.

Parents met NSFA Global and Mr. Jahangir. Parents were interviewed in-depth in June 2020. About 10 hours study and research works conducted by NSFA. Parents commenced treatment 01, 2020.

Update: As with the Homeopathic treatment and guidance received from NAFA global Inc., the child started doing well. Became verbal, gave up to 4 words meaningful sentences. Doing good in school. There appeared the echolalia recently, which the NSFA consultant mentioned that that will go away. The parents developed complete confidence on the guidance that was provided by Mr. Jahangir and NSFA Global Inc.

Comments from Parent: Completely satisfied with Homeopathic treatment and Mr. Jahangir’s guidance. Mr. Jahangir educates us side by side as he conducts treatment. It was a specialized treatment in ASD. We shall continue with Mr. Jahangir’s treatment to gain the maximum result.

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In NSFA, We Believe That Modern Medical Science Shall Bring Out The Breakthrough One Day. Our mission is to educate people, spread awareness about ASD, and treat children with our scientific research-based Homeopathic methodologies.

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