The ASD characteristics of Baby boy ER_H

Baby boy ER_H

NSFA REF: GP_00034_ 2018


Key words from the Mom: “Remedies of the NSFA Consultant’s worked, our boy started giving words, he gave 40 single words in 6 months, improved eye contacts, although our expectations are more. “

The ASD characteristics of Baby boy ER_H

Baby boy ER_H was living in NY, USA. One of their neighbours introduced the NSAF consultant whle he was visiting US patients.

The parents showed interests to receive consultation from the NSFA. Baby boy ER_H was at his 4 – years of age, at the time NSFA Consultant was contacted. Baby boy ER_H’s family members, particularly, the Grand dad was very keen in treatment process. The boy had PDD(Pervasive Developmental Disorder) features.

Baby boy ER_H had

  • Hyperactive, irritated, only couple of words he could pronounce,
  • Required prompt to produce any activity
  • Poor eye contacts.
  • No comprehensible sentences with verb or adverb
  • Weak locomotor capabilities
  • Could not draw objects or use pencils,
  • Pencil gripping was a problem.
  • Little or no common senses.
  • Little imitating capabilities
  • Did not understand numbers

NSFA consultant explained the treatment process. Made it sure that the parents understand the entire treatment process.


Observing the Baby boy ER_H, and interviewing the Mom and Dad, a constitutional plan was structured for her. An administration plan was developed. NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Baby boy ER_H will recover FAST


Baby boy ER_H began to recover within 3rd month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification (First Three months)
  • Flying difficulties went away
  • Eye contact improved significantly
  • Eating habit came better, Baby boy GO_T started chewing
  • Vocal functions started becoming active
  • The Baby started giving 2-word sentences (8 th Month)
  • Took clear instructions from Dad and Mom
  • Sat steady in a Sofa as asked
  • Started swimming with dad
  • Became much socially involved

ConclusionsBaby boy ER_H progressed in terms of vocabulary, Eye contact, and captured some common sense and intelligent behaviours. In 12 months time, the parent expressed their satisfaction and thanked the NSFA consultant for his support. Their boy talks and got his eye contact better, that was the principal satisfaction.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby boy JO_M

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