The ASD characteristics of Baby boy IN_AI

Baby boy IN_AI

NSFA REF: GP_0019_PA_ 2015


Key Statement from this Parent: Thank you (NSFA Consultant) for your dedication! It’s you as a researcher and your calm yet strict personality what drew us toward following your treatments. Your level of commitment and love for the cause has been reassuring our hope. We are forever in debt. “; Now a days, our boy is talking in relation to reality, writing, and doing things that normal child’s do… His class reports are very encouraging…”

The ASD characteristics of Baby boy IN_AI

Baby boy IN_AI was living in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Both parents are qualified professionals. The parents learned from a parent in Maryland, USA that there is a cure (Improvement) to Autism using natural means by an Autism consultant, living in Saskatchewan, Canada. NSFA consultant was in Maryland at the end of 2015 December. The Parents visited the NSFA consultant with Baby boy IN_AI

Baby boy IN_AI was at his 4 – years and 9 – months’ at the time NSFA Consultant was contacted. The baby had severe PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and close to Rhett syndrome) features.

Baby boy IN_AI had following ASD syndromes

  • Words, pointless, repeating without any purpose, mechanical pronounce
  • Lacked intelligent behaviour
  • Poor eye contact
  • Degenerating rapidly
  • Moderate locomotor capabilities
  • Drew pictures, non-coherent
  • Did not reflect common senses.
  • Little or no imitating capabilities
  • No number sense.
  • Wants to play alone, Not being able to play in groups
  • Stumps his legs
  • If you call him he does not respond (when he is busy with anything)

Baby boy IN_AI’s case was a case of severe ASD with some preliminary Rett Syndrome element present.


Observing the Baby boy IN_AI, and interviewing the Mom and Dad, a constitutional plan was structured for him. Remedies were researched and selected. A remedy administration plan was developed. NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Baby boy IN_AI will show recovery FAST with in 4-6 cycles of treatment.


Baby boy IN_AI began to recover within 6th month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

Detoxification worked (First four months). Baby boy IN_AI advanced as planned

  • Eye contact improved significantly with 12 months
  • Vocabulary was much better with several words. Started giving 2-word sentences (8th Month)
  • Started taking instructions from Dad, Mom and School aids
  • Sat steady in a Sofa when asked
  • Started swimming with dad
  • Became much social, with some cognitive developments
  • Could draw some comprehensible pictures.
  • Could solve puzzles
  • Started to be creative (18 months)

Basically, Baby boy IN_AI showed improvement in all the sectors he had degenerations.

ConclusionsBaby boy IN_AI progressed in terms of vocabulary, Instruction taking, Eye contact, and captured common sense and intelligent behaviour, could relate to objects and emotions etc. FAST.

He is a STAR boy who showed recovered within 18 months treatment and later parents reported that he always gets an “A” in all or most of the subjects.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby boy IN_AI

Parental References/ communication (here couple of emails taking out the names and addresses ….dates are valid) and Developmental communication form/ Milestones:

NSFA Statement: The Parents of this Baby boy has provided us a reference, which is NOT published here (due to ethical reasons). Readers are requested to study the case. We are publishing only couple of email communication on child’s progress. Thanks for the understanding.

Re: Cycle _2 Instructions

Baby IN_AI’s

Fri 2016-04-22 1:45 PM

Dear NSFA Consultant,

Alhamdulillah my heart is over joyous; Aydin had an amazing day at school today. Please see the attached note from his ABA therapist.

I hope you are doing well in Vancouver. Can we talk tonight about his medicine; I need some clarification. What would be good time for you? Don’t worry if it’s late here, it’s Friday!

Take care. Thank you for all you do for all the kids and family!


On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 1:32 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Ms.& Mr. (Mom and Dad of IN_AI)

Your boy is doing marvelous despite all difficulties (antibiotics/shots/colds). Remedies are proving to be powerful and looks like his Autism can be defeated! Brave and positive parents like you are important! We must thank almighty!

Last night’s talk made me very happy. I want that you have your piece of life, as I have it now. I pray and my research and dedication are targeting that this boy comes out the worst of Autism. Please remember, Autism is a disability not a disease, it cannot be cured 100% but improvable, if you engage.

Cautions: You must be very careful, about the following:

1. Various Autistic reflections may come out any time, (We do/Cannot control them altogether). Symptoms come without notice. You have to study a lot. Age 5-7 year is very critical.

2. He may get hyper and show excitements without any cause. We need be careful about his cold and infection so that Antibiotics are avoided.

But, if there is any emergency or infection: His Doctor comes first. This is the first rule of engagement with my treatment.

Stop homeopathy medications, and resume as he gets better with immediate problems.

We would talk as you call


NSFA Consultant



Fri 2016-08-12 11:04 AM

Dear NSFA Consultant

Thank you for your dedication! It’s you as a researcher and your calm yet strict personality what drew us toward following your treatments. Your level of commitment and love for the cause has been reassuring our hope. We are forever in debt.

Insha Allah talk to you tonight. Salam to you and Vabi ( Mrs. Consultant).

Thank you.

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 10:06 PM,  <NSFA Consultant > wrote:

Dear Ms.

Thanks and very pleased to get your feedback. Thanks for your kind words about us, and we are glad to have you here.

Your note has made me very happy. A mother/parents are having a direction and hope!! I will be the happiest the day you give me report that “Baby Boy IN_A”  is getting consistent with all his developments. I said to you that I am quite hopeful that your boy will make it. Please note that development may happen, grafting that development deep into his perceptual processes is the main struggle. Its a very difficult game.

The pain “Autism” is so uncertain. I have done repeated good to these kids, at least 40 success stories I have in my bag, but no one was predicted for sure. You are observing the developments, by your selves, and I have told good stories, and they are reflecting within Baby Boy IN_A. This is my happiness, I wish I would have been a formal Doctor. But, I believe curing (improving) an Autistic boy, several times giving them back to life is more than having a PhD (in fact, my PhD submission is pending, I have to write only one more chapter on Malaysian Economy. engaging with these beloved kids, I am forgetting to work on that…curing your boy is more than my P hD).

I am very happy, and I was waiting for these kind of responses that he provided.  My goal is achieved for 11-15 days.  My set targets are comprehensively achieved. Last set of remedies (SPL) have worked very well.

Please give me a call day after tomorrow. 

Your time, 9:00 PM. We can talk further.


NSFA Consultant

From: Mom of baby boy
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 08:44:44 -0400
Subject: Re: Cycle_3_Instruction

Good morning
Thanks you for the instructions! And sorry for the late response. We are having sleep over friends at our home, which is fun but taking much of my time that I have left after my work.

Anyway it was our pleasure to meet you and especially Vabi (Mrs. of NSFA Consultant) for the first time. She is such a pleasure to speak to, and inspirational. It was nice to see how you complement each other.

We will start the medicines from tomorrow after a three day gap. But Mashallah, Aydin is showing so much progress these days!

 – Yesterday morning when he saw my husband’s friends in kitchen, he said ‘Assalamalekum uncle, how are you?’
 –  Also answered the uncle’s question when he asked him ‘how are you’.
 – Then he asked us ‘who’s he?’ and answered himself ‘that’s uncle’. We reassured him that yes, he is a uncle.
 – Also he was okay to share his dining chair when we sat for dinner.

 – Overall he did not yell or scream, just wanted our attention.

Alhamdulillah, he made me so happy! And I know it would not be possible without your help. Many thanks you and vabi! Please let me know if you still need our reference, and if you do please send me one or two samples if you can for an idea.

Inshallah our team work will help my son and many other kids to have a better life.

Take care. I hope your hand is healing faster.

(Mom of Baby IN_A)

On Sat, Aug 6, 2016 at 6:24 PM,  <NSFA Consultant > wrote:

Here is Baby Boy IN_A’s cycle 3 instruction.

Pls. let me know if you have instruction


NSFA Consultant

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