The ASD characteristics of Baby Boy INEL

Baby Boy INEL


Baby boy IN-EL lives in Dhaka Bangladesh. He was 5 years+ and had complex ASD & Down Syndrome symptoms which included:

Very low motor functions, severe ASD symptoms, Muscular Inertia, Speech delays, Cognitive/ behavioural lacking’s, and Low eye contact. His food intake is limited only to liquids, can not swallow solid food. Issues in neuro-nutrition.

NSFA consultant, Mr. Jahangir accepted the child conditionally to provide their guidence. He will work on ASD symptoms, speech and intelligence faculties will be improved but certain genetic aspects will not be improved.

Online interview completed. In-depth research done by NSFA.

Year-1 (FEB 2021) Treatments focussed in – Muscular and motor function improvement, speech, cognitive functions, and intelligence.

After one year of treatment, parents confirmed that “Our Child’s had amazing development offered by NSFA Global Inc.’s Homeopathic and alternative treatment and Mr. Jahangir’s effective guidance . Our boy Speaks 5/6 words sentences, walks 6 floor-up, improved in cognitive deficits.

Parents wish to continue treatment from Mr. Jahangir with confidence.

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In NSFA, We Believe That Modern Medical Science Shall Bring Out The Breakthrough One Day. Our mission is to educate people, spread awareness about ASD, and treat children with our scientific research-based Homeopathic methodologies.

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