The ASD characteristics of Baby boy R_JF

Baby boy R_JF, Toronto, Canada

NSFA REF: GP_0001_DB_ 2001

The ASD characteristics of Baby boy R_JF

By the age of 2 years and 7 months Baby Boy R was diagnosed as an ASD child. He was living in Toronto, Canada with parents and Siblings.

Following were his ASD characteristics:

  • Baby Boy R_JF could only speak a few words prior to his age of 18 months.
  • Serious de-generations were observed, vitamin and mineral imbalances occurred in his blood system
  • Displayed repetitive behavior
  • He used to go into his own shell,
  • Had unbearable restlessness,
  • Carried no understanding of fear or emotions.
  • He exhibited little to no intelligence,
  • Reflected no understanding of relationships.
  • Physically, he was highly constipated, could not eat and digest properly
  • Revealed milk & other food allergies.
  • Was unhappy with waters and had sensory issues with hair cuts
  • Did not like swimming

Specific constitutional framework of Baby “R” was worked out after intensive research. Herbal accelerators and alternative remedies were selected per constitution.


  • Detoxification was successful in 6 months of the treatment
  • Eye contact came better, and he developed different visual ques for focus on
  • Within 4-5 cycles (each of 6 MONTHS) baby produced 2 -3 words sentences,
  • Started proper eating habits by 4th cycle
  • Yielded numeracy, counted numbers
  • Gained some intelligence to his expressions.
  • More words came up with educational interventions.
  • Emotion, understanding of relationship appeared
  • Sense of fear, and started understanding environments
  • Started using water and felt happy with swimming
  • Started finger pointing, and alternative choices were manifested gradually.
  • Got out of sensory issues
  • Baby R came out of his learning disabilities with medications and educational intervention. He has learned multiple languages (showing interest for a third language),
  • Could perform alternate thinking, exchange emotions,
  • Write poetries, and songs
  • Draw meaningful conclusions and produced good results in almost or all of the subjects in his studies.
  • He started attending regular classes with resource support by the age of 7 years
  • However, his constipation prevailed for a long time.

Note: Added to Baby R’s NSFA treatment, both parents approached different Autism Support Agencies. The doctors, specialists, schools, day care resource persons, and Â child support agency specialist reinforced this boy’s development plans whole heartedly with recommendations and directions. The siblings were dedicated and incredibly supportive for the development of Baby Boy _R.

The Parents of Baby R was thankful to all concerned who contributed for recovery from ASD.

Baby R_JF is a case of coordinated effort to bring an child out of his ASD. NSFA treatments stopped his degenerations, enhanced emotional developments and learning systems while designed interventions and educational strategies helped Baby R fight to overcome difficulties in expressive language and understanding of the world around although it took time!

Current Challenges and Treatments: Baby R is still overcome difficulties in peer relationship management, organization, independence, and anxiety.

NSFA recommended natural and alternative treatments are in place. NSFA consultant thank the Mother for giving an opportunity to treat Baby boy R_JF.

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