The ASD characteristics of Baby Girl AR-AT

Baby Girl AR-AT


The family had twin babies with severe ASD. NSFA Consultant came in touch with them as he visited NY.

The parents were interviewed. Initial prognosis was one of the babies do have the potential to be verbal, the other one may take longer time or may not come out successful. This was clearly explained to the parents.

The parents started treating the babies since 2018. The treatment process was interrupted due to COVID-19. One of the babies became verbal in a year’s time. But dived down due to no treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The parents re-started treatment in 2021 again with a break of one year.

Parent’s Note: NSFA Guidance worked well. Our one daughter has become verbal and now developing but in slow pace. Other one is struggling. Parent’s intension is to continue to try for both babies. Shall continue as long as it needs to achieve the maximum

Comments from parents: We are thankful to Mr. Jahangir and NSFA Global Inc.’s homeopathic process and guidance. We found it through, diligent and committed.

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