The ASD characteristics of Baby Girl ATIF

Baby Girl ATIF


Symptoms: Baby girl AT-IF had few broken words, lot of squinting, poor eye contact, she was disconnected with environment, very poor fine motor skills, always returning to her shell, highly constipated, low focus, very poor communication, and focus.

Parents came in contact through an elderly relative who resides in New York. Parents emailed the particulars to Mr. Jahangir. Parent and NSFA had several communications. Finally, parents were interviewed in June 2020. Treatment commenced in 01, 2020

Parent’s update: Our child did very well. Became verbal, gives up to 4 words meaningful sentences. Drawing very nicely and doing good in school. Their concern is still with more interaction and cognitive deficits, shyness

Parents comments: Completely satisfied with Homeopathic treatment and guidance from Mr. Jahangir. We have found the process frank and open. In depth research was conducted. We like the NSFA specialization in ASD. We shall continue with Mr. Jahangir’s guidance and homeopathic treatment to gain the maximum result.

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In NSFA, We Believe That Modern Medical Science Shall Bring Out The Breakthrough One Day. Our mission is to educate people, spread awareness about ASD, and treat children with our scientific research-based Homeopathic methodologies.

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