The ASD characteristics of Baby Girl SIY_Z

Baby Girl SIY_Z

NSFA REF: GP_DB_ SIY_Z_2012_0006

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Key Statement from the ParentMiracle happens and yes, GOD do this through human and in Baby Girl_SIY_Z’s case we think it is You. Thanks again to you and Bhabi (Spouse of NSFA Consultant) for all your support still giving for us. Usually in Bangladesh Patient goes to doctor, but in your case, doctor comes to patient, It is unthinkable for us. We have actually no words to give thanks to you.

The ASD characteristics of Baby Girl SIY_Z

Baby Girl SIY_Zwas fromDhaka, Bangladesh. The parents learned from a parent in in Dhaka that there is a cure (Improvement) to Autism and someone from NSFA Global, Saskatoon, Canada visits Dhaka twice a year. They may contact the NSFA.

The dad of Baby Girl SIY_Z was a professional architect. Both parents tried every means prior to reaching at NSFA. The girl was at her 7 years. NSFA Consultant was reluctant to take up the case, and in this occasion, the parents were very politely TOLD that “their child may not talk”.

The parents went back. But, came back after two days asking for the treatment. They specifically mentioned that it is their responsibility if the treatment does not produce any results. They want to give these alternative methods a chance without any obligation.

The NSFA consultant explained the entire processes. Explained the process consequences and as their girls is 6+ years, the treatment process may take longer. The parent were clear and got convinced and committed to the NSFA Global’s treatment.

Baby Girl SIY_Z had following ASD syndromes

  • Poor eye contacts
  • No words, (vocal system and functions were degenerating – FAST)
  • Little or no intelligences.
  • Reflected no common senses, typical child like behaviour was absent
  • No imitating capabilities
  • No number senses
  • No responses to any instructions at all
  • No social association
  • Weak locomotor capabilities
  • Did not present any reading, writing or drawing capabilities at the age of 7


Observing the Baby Girl SIY_Z , and interviewing the Mom and Dad, a constitutional plan was structured. Clear remedy administration plan was developed. Â NSFA consultant did not provide any clear prediction on the time line when Baby Girl SIY_Z will recover but mentioned that initial kick off will require at least 18 Months


Baby Girl SIY_Z began to recover within 14th month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification was successful. Baby Girl SIY_Z did not deteriorate further.
  • Eye contact improved but slowly in-compared to other
  • Vocabulary did not kickoff till 11 months. Suddenly, parent’s letter dated Thu 2013-11-07 reported miraculous development
  • Started taking instructions from Dad and Mom
  • Listened to Mom and teachers
  • Became much more social
  • Could work on critical puzzles

A lot many words came out within 11 months of treatment. The parents also provided a refences to NSFA Global

ConclusionsBaby Girl SIY_Z progressed in terms of vocabulary, Instruction taking, Eye contact, and captured common sense and intelligent behaviour, could relate to objects and emotions etc.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby Girl SIY_Z

Parental References/ communication and Developmental communication form/ Milestones:

NSFA Statement: The Parents of this Baby girl has provided us a reference, which is NOT copied here (due to ethical reasons). Readers are requested to study the case. We are publishing only couple of email communication on child’s progress. Thanks for the understanding.

The NSFA consultant was not sure whether the Baby Girl SIY_Z will be improved, in reality he was proven wrong. NSFA Consultant apologises for initial rejection and thanked the parents that they came back.

Below is a very interesting email communication from the Parents of Baby Girl SIY_Z:

atiq rahman <>

Thu 2013-11-07 7:44 PM

·         You

Dear Mr. Jahangir,


How are you all? hope fine.

Baby Girl SIY_Z is doing good and she is well. Yesterday she finished her R_D_3 course.

Now-a-days she spells two words like LIGHT BONDO (light off), TV BONDO (turn off the TV). Gluten free(Her gluten free biscuit), ALOOR CHOP (Potato chop), PANI KHABO (drink water, but we push her to spell this word), GOOD BYE. GOOD MORNING, BHALO ACHE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KHODA HAFEZ, SEE YOU TOMORROW (this is the three words she can spell) etc. Sometimes we push her to spell other two words like PANI KHABO.

Besides her naughtiness, understanding order to follow and understanding situation is in good progress. She can spell her needs (either by single word or two words) in well communicable way better than before. in past sometimes we don’t understand what she wants, but now it is well communicable and we can understand her needs, though in few cases still it is difficult, but we assume in time it will be okay.

Miracle happens and yes GOD do this through human and in Baby Girl SIY_Z s case we think it is You. Thanks again to you and Bhabi (Spouse of the Consultant) for all your support still giving for us. Usually in Bangladesh Patient goes to doctor, but in your case, doctor comes to patient, It is unthinkable for us. We have no words to give thanks to you.



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