The ASD characteristics of Boy AR_T

Boy AR_T story

NSFA REF: GP_0012/Dhaka2012

Testament/Key Comments from the Mom : ” After a long time, I see our boy AR_T  is having interesting cognitive expressions: Today (25MAY2015) in the car, I told him “people who live in hilly areas often the car has to travel along sharp heights”– his (Boy AR_T’s)comment and questions right-way was “which gear do they switch to” . This intelligent question or comments of relating height to the sifting the car gears impressed me!.

The ASD characteristics of Boy AR_T

Boy AR_T was residing in Dhaka, with his parents. The parents came in touch with NSFA consultant in 2014. Â 

Boy AR_T was at her 8 – years and 9 – months at the time NSFA Consultant. The INS_HM had PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) features.

  • Exhibited very little social communications
  • Words were there with very limited meaning
  • Self talking was a dominant issue, not always related or linked issues
  • Very poor eye contact
  • Had weak locomotor capabilities.
  • Had difficulties in Hand – writing
  • Instruction and follow up was not consistent
  • Poor number sense, inappropriate to his age level
  • Not focussed at classes or group works
  • Specific spicy food habit, he was liking fatty meet and rich foods
  • No good school references

NSFA consultant explained the treatment process and made it sure that the parents understand the process, struggle, and continuity. The Boy will require a long terms treatment, and engagement of parents are critical. The Boy was 9+ years old. The parents, the mom was very supportive and agreed to undertake a long-term treatment.


After several interviews with the parents and observing the Boy AR_T a constitutional plan was structured. An administration plan was developed. It was stated that the child will require several years (at least 2.5/3 years) to get to an optimum level of recovery through NSFA treatments.  Â Â 


Boy AR_T began to improve within 6th month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification (Within First 11 months) successful
  • Eye contact got better
  • Made improvement in reduction of self talking (12 months)
  • Increase in more communication by 18 Month
  • The Boy AR_T started giving better comprehensions
  • Numeracy was improved
  • Understanding and communication between the Boy, and teachers/parents got better by 18 months
  • Started to improve social interactions
  • Not focussed at classes or group works
  • Specific spicy food habit, he was liking fatty meet and rich foods
  • No good school references

ConclusionsBoy AR_T progressed in terms of developing good eye contact, reducing self talking, showing better common-sense. Parents continued 6th cycle of treatments. The boy progresses to a good level.

The remaining challenges were, matching with age appropriate studies, modifying negative behaviours and adapting to new social situations.

NSFA thanks the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Boy AR_T. Parents were trying to immigrate to an advanced country where they would be able to give Boy AR_T a scope of better and fitting education.

Parental References/ communication (emails) and Developmental communication form/ Milestones: This report was provided by Mom at 17th Month of the treatment. Parents continued for 5 cycles, i.e.

NSFA Statement: The Parents of this Baby boy has provided us a reference, which is NOT copied here (due to ethical reasons). Readers are requested to study the case. We are publishing only couple of email communication on child’s progress. Thanks for the understanding.


Below is a % base Development Communication Form (DCF) after 16 Months of Treatment


An email communication from Mom of Boy AR_T

Mom of AR_T

Thu 2015-05-28 4:42 AM

Dear NSFA Consultant

Hope you and your family are doing well. Specially we sincerely hope Flora Apa is recovering with medication. May I humbly apologize for this delay in my reply.

Please find below some recent observations of our Boy AR_T:

1.       Logical reasoning seems to have improved – notices facts and responds logically

2.       Tendency to think he is an Indian/Hindu continues – this often promotes self-talking.

3.       However, self-talking is less visible now.

4.       Sometimes gets very agitated

5.       Also if he gets mad at someone – he continues to hold strong grudge – there is a small boy at Basketball practice who Ammar dislikes and continually speaks against

6.       Needs stimulations in hands and elbow. Sometimes rubs against the wall repeatedly

7.       It seems “Scott’s Emulsion with Cod Liver Oil” 15ml in morning and 15 ml in day is helping him fight cold

8.       Today in the car, I told him people who live in hilly areas often the car has to travel along sharp heights – his comment right away was which gear do they switch to.  This comments of relating height to gear shift impressed me.

9.       He loves to listen to music. He puts the earphone of his ipad on and sort of gets immersed in music.

10.  Has a lot of dandruff – I used baby shampoo but used a comb to clean off the dandruff yesterday evening

11. Sometimes in the toilet, he spends time observing his genitals.

12. His fascination for biriyani and fast food is very high. He feels bad when his friends have fast food and he is not having.

13. He is very fond of his class teacher Mr. Mehdi and refuses to go to grade five.

14. He is enjoying his basketball practice – he doesn’t play much. but he is adamant about continuing. I proposed to discontinue as it is in after -school hours and hot and humid. but he vehemently opposed.

Boy AR_T completed Special 1 medication on Saturday, May 23, 2015.

Thanking you

Mom of AR_T

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