The ASD characteristics of Boy IB_S

Boy IB_S, Dhaka, Bangladesh

NSFA REF: GP_0034_PA_ 2016

Key Statement from the MoM“My boy got simply calm, more disciplined and intelligent, he is focused and attentive to tasks, this was inconceivable two year’s back”.

The ASD characteristics of Boy IB_S

Boy IB_S lives in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The Mom learned from a neighbour that their boy is being treated by a consultant from NSFA Global Inc. The boy IB_S was 9 year+ old. He had ASD intertwined with ADD.

The Mom contacted the NSFA in Canada. Discussed detailed on ASD issues and the treatment processes and steps. The boy was over 5 years of age. The consultant pointed out that it may take longer time to come to a stable point. The Parents agreed.

Boy IB_S had following ASD+ADD syndromes

  • No or little concentration and focus, in school and home, Thoughts wondering
  • Very poor eye contact
  • Very aggressive
  • Resembled ASD with ADD symptoms
  • He has good vocabularies, but expressions/communications were not intelligent
  • Inadequate common senses.
  • No social or peer association
  • He would hit siblings and class Mets/peers
  • Had sensory issues
  • Does not agree to adjust in a situation, he will just fight it without


Boy IB_S was seen in Toronto, parents were interviewed, a detailed constitutional plan was structured. Selection of specific remedy and a administration plan was developed. NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Boy IB_S will recover 6-8 cycles. To be noted that it was a severe ADD and ASD case, and the boy was over 5 years of age.


Boy IB_S took some time to kick offThe detoxification processbegan late! there was a little frustration from the Dad, but the Mom was adamant to carry on the treatment, as several cases in NY and PA, USA were getting better with the same consultant’s treatment.

On first 3 cycles Boy IB_S show development in following areas:

  • Detoxification process kicked of in 12 months and was successful by 12 months. Boy IB_S started showing positive development by end of 3rd cycle
  • Eye contact improved a lot, Mom became very happy
  • Expressions became distinct and intelligent
  • Started taking instructions
  • Started behaving comparatively well then 3 cycles before
  • Became much more peer oriented
  • Reduced aggressive behaviours but required more improvement
  • More orientation to mathematical education required, mom was advised to appoint private tutor.

Note/ConclusionsBoy IB_S progressed in terms of aggressive behaviours, Instruction taking, eye contact, attained some good common sense and intelligent behaviour, could relate situations and expressions by 4th Cycle etc. The boy was progressing as predicted. The Mom was adamant to continue for several cycles more.

At the end of 7th cycle, the boy was found much better and improved in all the above areas he required improvement. 

Both NSFA and Parents agreed to discontinue treatment and let the boy walk independently.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Boy IB_S

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