The ASD characteristics of Girl RA-M

Girl RA-M

NSFA REF: GP_0015_Dhaka_ 2012

Keynote from the Parents of Girl RA-M:

The ASD characteristics of Girl RA-M

Baby Girl RA_M was residing in Dhaka, with his parents and one sibling. The parents came in touch with NSFA consultant in 2018.

Girl RA-M was at her 6 – years and 6 – months at the time NSFA Consultant met her and their parents. The Girl RAA-M had moderate PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) features, those mainly were :

  • Had words, limited word stocks and, expressions incomplete and less frequent
  • Little communications, low eye contacts
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weak locomotor capabilities.
  • Was not willing to carry Instruction
  • Poor social skills
  • Truly little number sense.
  • Was conscious in dress choice, which is good, but she could not express her choice
  • She had intelligence and rationality were less expressed

NSFA consultant explained the treatment process and made it sure that the parents understand the process, struggle, and continuity. The parents, the mom was very supportive and agreed to undertake a long-term treatment.


After several phone interviews from Canada, and direct visit in Dhaka, talking to the parents and observing the Girl RA-M a constitutional framework was structured. A remedy administration scheme was developed. It was stated that the child will require several cycles (at least 2.5 years) to get to an optimum level of recovery. It was reminded that this girl was over 5 years of age, and requires longer period than children below 5 years!


Girl RA-M began to recover within 6th month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification (took 11 months), successful as she did not regress, showed happiness, good health, and brightness in demeanour
  • Vocal functions were enhanced, with increase in more words by 18 Month
  • The Girl RA-M started giving good complete sentences (24th Month)
  • She took clear instructions from NSFA consultant
  • Numeracy was improved quite a bit (55%) from base level of 30%
  • Mom reported interesting cognitive development features, did some very logical works listening to the story Mom told.
  • Attention levels improved
  • Social skills improved significantly
  • Shyness reduced, more fashion choice and started being specific

Conclusions: Girl RA-M progressed in terms of vocabulary, Instruction taking, Eye contact, and captured interesting common-sense intelligent behaviour. She has improved quite a way. Further challenges would be getting across age appropriate studies, modifying negative behaviours, and adapting to new social situations. NSFA thanks the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Girl RA-M

Parental References/ communication (emails) and Developmental communication form/ Milestones:

Latest communications from the Parents of Girl RA-M:

Progress updates Girl RAA-M  
Areas of improvementBase levelAs of 1st September, 2013As of 1st April 2014
Communication(20%)Now 45 %Now 50 %
Stock of words(40%)Now 50%Now 60%
Instruction and follow up30%Now : 50%Now : 55%
Attention20%Now 40%Now 45%
Social skills30%Now 45%Now 50%
Numeracy35%Now 45%Now 55%
Outgoing –(Fashion conscious-learning from environment)(30%)Now : 55%Now : 65%

Further improvement required:

  • Attention deficiency
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of interest concerning studies
  • Lack of self-awareness

As of December 2016, the Parents informed me that they are happy with the treatment. They also asked some help for their Boy who has ADD issues, which was provided.

NSFA Consultants assessment on Girl RAA-M:

Girl RA-M progressed very well and has reached the targets and the Parents became satisfied with the developments. Girl RA-M is now keeping up with social and behavioural aspects and her day to day involvement with class activities have become more effective.

NSFA Consultant thanked the Parents of Girl RA-M for giving an opportunity to support Girl RAA-M in improving her ASD/PDD challenges.

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