The ASD characteristics of Girl SA_RUK


NSFA REF: GP_0037/SA_RUK_2019

The ASD characteristics of Girl SA_RUK

Girl SA_RUK is a resident of London, UK. She is 12 years+ girl with serious irritability and attention deficits. The parents came in touch with NSFA consultant in the Ealy 2019.

The Girl SA_RUK had ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) holding following features.


  • Had problems in focusing, lots of Irritability
  • Poor Eye contacts
  • Has words and good numerical skills but she was very much bothered with instructions
  • Poor social skills, behavioural issues are most disturbing
  • Possessive, could not withstand her mom talking to others, did not like siblings
  • Could not withstand water
  • Likes bad smells
  • Other sensory issues

There were some positive aspects that were noted by NSFA Consultant. Girls SA-RUK has good numerical and writing skills but, they were overshadowed by her irritabilities and less focus. NSFA consultant explained the treatment process and made it sure that the parents understand the process, struggle, and maintenance of continuity of treatment.


Interviews were conducted with the parents of Girl SA_RUK a constitutional treatment plan was structured. It was stated that the child will require 2/3 cycles to get to an ideal level of recovery through NSFA treatments. However, she can make a breakthrough if her irritability reduces FAST. She has some particularly good openings in her central structure of neurological development. She has god pencil gripping, handwriting, and numerical capabilities. The irritability and sensory issues are holding back!

The parents agreed.


Girl SA_RUK showed clear progress in single cycle.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification worked well, Irritability was lesser and she was attentive
  • Girl SA_RUK withstood water and got some specific behaviour sorted
  • Took clear instructions from mom and dad
  • Girl SA_RUK became more social, started good works at school with focus.
  • Mom send reflections on her numeracy and hand writing, art work which she is doing with more calmness and diligence

ConclusionsGirl SA_RUK progressed in terms of social involvement, eye contact, and she captured common-sense diligence. she has improved significantly with in shortest possible time (in one cycle). In certain areas, parents reported that they are very satisfied. The treatment process continued for rest of the cycle. Girl SA_RUK made exceptional progress.

NSFA thanks the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Girl SA_RUK . Some of focused work from Girl_SA_RUK those are more organised (Report after the first cycle of treatment by NSFA)

parents reaction
parents reaction
parents reaction

Art-works, Numerical calculation and organised hand writing of Girl SA_RUK

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