The PDD characteristics of Baby boy ID_F

Baby boy ID_F, Dhaka, Bangladesh

NSFA REF: GP_0029_DB_ 2015

The ASD characteristics of Baby boy Baby boy ID_F

Baby boy ID_F was living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They contacted the NSFA consultant. The parents tried different means and ways before getting touch with NSFA.

Discussed detailed on ASD issues and the process of the treatment. He showed kin interest and committed to see NSFA consultant on arrival at Dhaka. Baby boy ID_F was 4 years.

Baby boy ID_F had following ASD syndromes

  • Only repeating words learned from TV cartoons and colorful pictures
  • Talking insane, could not keep focus
  • Could not turn a try cycle
  • Little common senses.
  • Very poor eye contacts
  • No imitating capabilities
  • No number senses.
  • No social or peer association
  • Showed little intelligence when asked to do something not right for a child.
  • Had problems in holding pencils to produce a drawing
  • Not being able to execute any instructions


Observing the Baby boy ID_F, and interviewing the Mom and Dad, a constitutional plan was structured. A remedy administration plan was developed. NSFA consultant predicted that if everything goes well, Baby boy ID_F will recover FAST in 3-4 cycles of treatment.


Baby boy ID_F began to recover within 3rd month of the treatment.

Significant development features were:

  • Detoxification was successful (First six months). Baby boy ID_F progressed, did not go back
  • Eye contact improved significantly with in 9 months of treatment
  • Vocabulary with 2-word sentences came out by 12th month
  • Started taking instructions and complete them
  • Listened to the teachers
  • Could work on critical puzzles
  • In total 40 words came out in first 12 months with some two words sentences composing of noun and verbs.

Conclusions: Baby boy ID_F progressed in terms of vocabulary, Instruction taking, Eye contact, and captured common sense and intelligent behaviour, could relate to objects and emotions etc. FAST. The boy took 6 cycles of treatment and now going to regular school. Had initial difficulties but later fitted well.

NSFA Consultants thanked the Mom and Dad for giving the opportunity to treat Baby boy ID_F

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