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To Complete Our Mission And Vision, We Will Choose Deliberate Strategies. These Strategies Are Listed Below.

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Our intention

How We Are Fulfilling Our Mission & Vision

NSFA intends to request the Government of Canada and its Health Authorities to create in-house alternative and natural treatment facilities for 100 ASD children in Ontario where different categories of ASD children will be taken, and with consistent supervision, and treatment will be provided. Alongside, structured parallel or post-treatment-specific programs will be created to advance the improvements acquired.

In this context NSFA Global Inc., its CEO and Chief Consultant, Mr. Mohammad Jahangir’s approach to benevolent individuals and authorities and generous corporations to provide philanthropic support with Donations. Without resources and support, it is simply impossible to carry on the above mission objectives set upon.

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Our Treatment Strategies

The vision and mission objectives stated in the NSFA Profile would be fulfilled by adopting the following strategies.

Developing concrete awareness amongst the parents in societies and communities, globally.

Early detection of ASD symptoms and treatment are the best course of action to improve ASD by NSFA. (Recommended age limit 2- 5 years)

NSFA conducts rigorous research-based studies and formulate constitutional treatments. Each ASD child will have specific characteristics. It takes about 15-20 hours of studies, including one and a half hours to two hours of parent interviews.

Data are collected from parents in the main. Various lab reports and genetic studies, if available (regarding exclusions/erosion, duplication, eversion, or multiplication of genetic codes). Interrogation is performed on epilepsy, influences of multiple sclerosis and other psychoneurotic issues on the ASD child.

Selection of remedies and administration strategy development. The parents must be dedicated to a long-drawn struggle. It must be understood that it is a complicated disability. A disability can not be cured to 100% level, as a disease could.

Treatments are to be given for a minimum of 11 months (two cycles). Regular monthly development communication is to be maintained by the parents to NSFA through a communication tool (The DCF – Development Communication Form).

Out of 60 selected cases following are the Improvement statistics:

  • Within the age groups of 2-5, improvements occurred in 80%-85% of cases.
  • Within the age group of 5-7 ASD children (with little vocal capacity or some eco-speeches), improvements have occurred in up to 60%-65% of cases, and that,
  • Within the 7-12 years age group of ASD children, improvements have occurred up to 40% of cases.

The reason for less, slow, and minor development rates in cases 5+ years are due to the:

  • Children’s CNS (Central Nervous System) is structured or completed by 5 years of age, and inhibited disabilities of complicated nature by that age.
  • With a structured CNS, the system turns into a long-drawn complicacy. Experiences show that cases above 5+ years require much longer times, and sometimes visible developments may not be available sooner!

Neuro nutrition is a priority issue. Mineral balance and Vital amine balances are pre-conditions of appropriate CNS development.

Proper food selection (Casein and Gluten free food) and additions of recommended minerals and vitamins are to be strictly maintained to recovering and improvement of ASD.

All communications are to be done online. Remedies are despatched by express mail.

NSFA Global ’s forward: Critical HYPOTHESES on improvement of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and statement on the guarantee in treatment

A question on guarantee on the treatment of autism raised by some parents to NSFA Global and Its Consultant. NSFA Global Inc. modestly persuades all parents and quarters that so far modern medical science has been working seriously on this neurobiological disability, but no therapeutic solution has been presented. Through, Homeopathic methodology used by NSFA Global Inc. is achieving successes in varying age groups of ASD children, but no guarantee is provided. Based on its outcomes so far, NSFA Global Inc. forwards following seven (7) general hypotheses on ASD treatment, which can be adapted, tested, and forwarded in different methods of ASD treatment, be it conventional, Homeopathic or Behavioral (Psychological) process of.

Proposed Hypotheses on Autism Treatments and Improvement: Based on its outcomes so far, NSFA Global Inc. reasonably forwards following seven (7) general hypotheses on ASD treatment scope, possibility, and achieved level of improvements. These propositions can be adapted, further tested, and forwarded in different methods of ASD treatment, be it conventional, Homeopathic or Behavioral (Psychological) processes.

  1. Application of Homeopathic remedies and bio-chemic salts/compounds deliver substantial improvements in the children (preferred age group of 2-5 years). NSFA Global carried out treatment of autism in children of different age brackets, mainly 2-5, 6-7 and 8-12 years. The results confirm positive outcomes of the constitutional form and approach of Homeopathy. [ To be noted that some treatments of above the age brackets were undertaken with some parents, except very few above bracket children improved with longer periods of treatment and were limited]
  2. Where, the level of infliction of neurological damages are of lesser degree within the neurological structure of the CNS of children, ASD improvement results better and faster; on contrary, with higher degrees of infliction of damages in the CNS, the improvement stalls, some cases slow and produce limited outcomes.
  3. Early detections and the lower age brackets group children are predisposed to realize better results and, is a critical factor in Autism improvement. It has been estimated that the degree of inflictions of damages are comparatively lesser to lower age bracket children. In Cytogenetic autism, it could occur early and are excluded in this study [ NSFA Research leads to the fact that age group of [2-5 years] are the critical group for improvement, 6-7 age group appeared is less responsive and 8-12 are even lesser responsive that earlier age groups, most belonging to idiopathic category of autism].
  4. In treatment of ASD, cognitive sectors within the neurological systems of the children can be improved effectively (ocular alignment, senses and social connectivity, and typical child intelligence) by homeopathic treatment.
  5. Improvement in vocabular expressions, relative functional maturity in communications, and interactive express ability can be essentially achieved by achieved by homeopathic treatment following a constitutional methodology for a relatively longer period. Role of various therapies are prudent tools as the CNS’s capability marker attains higher calibrations.
  6. Subject to child’s degree of improvement in neurobiological disabilities acquired by treatment received from NSFA Global Inc. specific on cognitive capacities and ocular alignment, added support from speech therapists, behaviour therapies, and Interventions appear yield better learning.
  7. Subject to achievement of improvements in Autism, the Autism disability marker moves towards higher levels and transforms into an Ability Marker with the progression of Homeopathic treatment. This treatment offers persistent and careful enhancement of neuro-nutrition in respective sectors of child’s neurological systems and sections of the children’s cephalon.

Exclusion of cytogenetic cases: (which are less than 10 % of ASD population in general) were excluded from the study, without prejudice. The consultant and NSFA global only treats ASD child who fall within idiopathic category, except couple of agreed test options. This subject falls under the advanced cytogenetic investigations. NSFA Global Inc. believes that with the future advances in research-works of Cytogenetics of advanced neurology and medical science, this area will find out proactive solution.

Then what is the guarantee of the treatment by NSFA in their practice: NSFA Global Inc. requests the Parents and readers to review success stories (case studies) and several panel discussions participated by parents of successful ASD children and published interviews in various news papers. These support the proposed NSFA Global Inc. and its chief Consultant Mr. Mohammad Jahangir’s hypotheses and registrar improvements in ASD children by Homeopathic and Alternative means and methods. There is no specific or general guarantee is provided.

It is to be noted that NSFA will not accept a child and shall not include them in its treatment program if prognoses do not direct towards possible improvement!

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